Jay’s Story

Jay, in his fourth year at Mentoring to Manhood, is an 11th grader with high aspirations and a grounded attitude.  His mother signed him up for the program, and he has since gained a stronger work ethic and better study habits, which he hopes will translate positively to his future academic career. Jay has an eclectic set of hobbies, ranging from playing golf to producing music with his stepfather.

Jay lives with his mother and stepfather, and though his parents are divorced, is still able to maintain a strong relationship with both his stepfather and father. His hardest experience was watching his 7-year-old Godbrother go through chemotherapy, but witnessing his strength gave Jay perspective and determination to do his best in his own pursuits.  Jay admits to having trouble managing his emotions.  He was angry, and it was becoming destructive to himself and his family.  He says that M2M’s Anger Management Workshop really helped him deal with these issues.

Jay hopes of becoming a professional golfer. He has gotten looks from colleges such as Cal Tech and George Washington University, and ultimately hopes to get a scholarship to play golf in college. Jay attributes M2M for giving him more structure in his life and a passion for doing well in school. Regardless of his career path, Jay’s versatility and will to achieve should enable him to follow his passions.

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