Mentoring to Manhood

About Mentoring to Manhood (M2M)

Mentoring to Manhood (M2M) was founded in 2005 by four men concerned about the challenges facing boys of color in Prince George’s County. Today, M2M is a community of mentors, young men, families and local leaders committed to improving outcomes for young men of color inside and outside the classroom. 

At Mentoring to Manhood, (M2M), we believe in the transformative power and unlimited potential of young men. We are committed to supporting the positive socio-emotional, academic, critical-thinking, self-awareness, and self-confidence of young boys and men engaged in our programming. 

Our mentorship program delivers fun and interactive lessons that support young boys’ and men’s social, emotional, and intellectual development. Through small group mentoring, experiential learning, field trips, community service, and more, the young people who enter our program develop skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

M2M centers youth voices with a focus on advocacy and empowerment in using a school and community-based model.