Meet Jordan

Meet Jordan, a Community Youth Advance Mentoring to Manhood student:

My name is Jordan Baxter; I am 14 years old and I have Autism. I have social, emotional speech and developmental delay. I currently run track, take martial arts every day and I attending Mentoring to Manhood. I currently attend Surrattsville High School located in Clinton, MD which is a school that participants in the Autism program.

I have been attending the Mentoring program since I was seven years old with my older brother Malik Carter. His mentor was Mr. Steve who wanted to bring me along to expose me to the program. When I first begin the program; I was very shy, timid and non-sociable.

Attending the Mentoring Program has helped me develop my social skills – example my mom allows me to attend field trips without her coming along. I can now talk to the other guys here with anyone judging or making fun of me. My former mentor Mr. Nightengale would talk to me all the time about just being myself and consistently telling me “I can do anything I want to do”. He would ask me “you fry your eggs today”. He would ask me that because I was not allowed to be on the stove unattended. Until he spoke with my mom and she allow me to fry my egg. (smile) Rest in Peace Sir. I have been assigned a new Mentor Mr. Neal and he is a great guy. When he has time to would attend my track meets and practices and provide me with helpful tips. We
also text messages a lot. I am not to big about talking on the phone.

The Mentoring Program has helped come out of my shyness and become more sociable and has inspired me to have a voice I didn’t know I had. When I attend the program, I now engage
in conversations with my other peers and the Mentors. I love attending the GALA; because I can dress up and look handsome. I would advise any young man to attend this program,
because it will help turn them around and into a young adult. Examples; leadership, responsibilities, friend, guidance and most important teach a young boy into becoming a Man.
Being raised by a single mom, this mentoring program has helped me overcome my fears and put me on the right track to become an Entrepreneur.

Warm Regards,

Jordan Baxter