Sidney’s Story

Sidney, a quiet and thoughtful student in his second year of Mentoring to Manhood, has overcome numerous personal hardships. His father died when he was in 9th grade, leaving him grief stricken and in need of a father figure.  He failed his first year at high school. Mentoring to Manhood has provided mentors who Sidney describes as understanding and helpful.

Sidney has a wide variety of artistic hobbies. He enjoys taking pictures, drawing and writing poetry.  He feels that poetry allows him to express his feelings and offers a therapeutic release from his personal losses. In addition, although he doesn’t own many books at his house, Sidney loves to read anything he can. M2M has also given Sidney the drive to go to college.  After attending this year’s college fair, he realized the importance of going to college, as well as his strong desire to do so.  Talking with his mentor helped him recognize that he wanted to do something meaningful in his life, and that college could facilitate that ambition.

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