Mentoring to Manhood

About Mentoring to Manhood (M2M)

Mentoring tCatalogue-for-Philanthropy-12-13-logo-for-web-650x250o Manhood (M2M) was founded in 2005 by four men concerned about the plight and limited future of boys in the African American community. M2M provides weekly tutoring, group mentoring activities and family support to more than 150 middle and high school-aged boys. M2M is one of the largest mentoring programs successfully responding to the needs of young boys in Prince George’s County.

The Catalogue for Philanthropy annually recognizes high impact, carefully evaluated, community-based nonprofits with budgets below $3 million. Please see an excerpt of their write up on Mentoring to Manhood:

[In 2011] in Prince George’s County, only 55% of black males graduated from high school. Change is needed, and Mentoring to Manhood is catalyzing it. A grassroots mentorship nonprofit, M2M offers personal and academic support to African-American middle and high school boys in the county. Read more.

M2M is honored to be among the highlighted network of hardworking nonprofits in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. We are one of many striving to improve Black Male Achievement, and the need for volunteers, mentors, tutors and donations is ongoing.

DukesThe work of Mentoring to Manhood is both important and critical to our community. The key elements of the program focuses on insuring that the young male participants have access to attainable educational goals, understand and embrace self-confidence and awareness, and engage in service to Prince George’s County and the region. Supporting this program was an easy commitment for me to make because I understand the future, and these young men are our future.

Dr. Charlene Dukes, President, Prince George's Community College

Get Involved

By becoming a M2M Mentor, you will help a young boy succeed and create a brighter future for all of us. In the process of training up a young man, you will inevitably gain one of the greatest rewards—knowing you are making a difference. It only takes one person to transform a young man’s life. Be that person.

What Mentors Do:

  • Teach by modeling
  • Listen, praise and encourage
  • Keep their word
  • Respect students’ viewpoints and right to make their own decisions

All young men can benefit from positive male influences encouraging them to be their best man. If you are interested in signing up a young man to become a mentee, please click to the link to pay the registration fee.

We’ve all heard the African proverb ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ Effective mentoring can only be achieved with community involvement. Successful nonprofits like Mentoring to Manhood offer many ways to become involved and tangible ways to contribute that make a marked difference in the lives of teen boys, their families, and communities.

Dr. Mickey Burnim, President, Bowie State University
  • 8:00 am to 12:00 pm
  • Watkins Regional Park 301 Watkins Park Dr Upper Marlboro, MD, 20774
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