2012 Anger Resolution Workshop

I found M2M’s Anger Resolution Workshop to be an emotional, purposeful, life-altering event. The day began with a test, which, as I completed it, I was very astounded to discover that many of my behaviors and actions are a byproduct of anger.  Using the book Breaking Free From Anger & Unforgiveness by Linda Mintle, PhD, Rob Malone led a review of the test and identified the common causes and triggers of anger, and how we can “unlearn” that behavior.

This was followed by a group discussion, led by a panel consisting of a local pastor, school counselor, and former M2M mentee.  I found this segment to be profound! Attendees shared personal stories, recited with real emotion and tears.  They were tender, deep-rooted issues which, without out a workshop such as this one may have never surfaced.  I was moved to hear about what some of the other parents are dealing with from their growing sons and realized that I’m not the only one, and that my situation could be worse.  Families were then given the time to document their stories and work through thoughts, behaviors, feelings, and how to address these issues in the future.

The Anger Resolution Workshop allowed my son and myself to go beyond the yelling to get to the root of recurring issues, and more importantly how to deal with anger.  The seeds planted in this workshop, as well as many of the other programs hosted by M2M, will foster healthy future relationships for my son in his family, school and community.


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