Jawan’s Story

Jawan, a sophomore in high school, lives with his mother and grandmother and is very close to both of them.  Even though his parents are divorced he gets to see his father every other weekend.  His interests include listening to music, studying, shopping, and going to the movies. Jawan’s role model is Leonardo DiCaprio. When asked why, he says that he likes the fact that the actor gives back to the community.

To Jawan education is key.  He is a very academically-oriented kid.  He enjoys English and is especially interested in the history of literature.  He aspires to attend UCLA or Stanford, and wishes to major in performing arts, and minor in law.

He first joined Mentoring to Manhood in 7th grade because his parents made him, but it’s been his decision to keep coming back, now for his third year. He likes the tutoring available because it really helps with school. He also feels like the mentors help make him a better person.

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