Raymond’s Story

“As an 8th grader at Kenmoor Middle, I excelled at football and basketball, and struggled in my classes. I was a C and D student. Sports had my full attention and that was a problem. I joined M2M for tutoring and mentoring. My mentors recognized my dedication to sports and helped me not only overcome […]

Dhevan’s Story

“I just finished my 10th grade year successfully, thanks to M2M. When I joined the tutoring program, I had a 2.75 GPA. The tutoring I received boosted my 2nd quarter report card grades to a 3.67 GPA. I continued with tutoring and remained on honor roll for both the 3rd and 4th quarters. My tutors, […]

JaAir’s Story

“I’m a 6th grader and I just finished my first year with M2M. I couldn’t get my grades above a C in my main classes. Thanks to M2M, I improved my grades to finally making honor roll for both the 3rd and 4th quarters. I was glad to be able to turn my grades around, […]

2012 Anger Resolution Workshop

I found M2M’s Anger Resolution Workshop to be an emotional, purposeful, life-altering event. The day began with a test, which, as I completed it, I was very astounded to discover that many of my behaviors and actions are a byproduct of anger.  Using the book Breaking Free From Anger & Unforgiveness by Linda Mintle, PhD, […]

Powerful Student Testimonial

This is my first year in the program and I am here to tell you how Mentoring 2 Manhood has transformed me in my journey from being a boy to a man.  Before I came to M2M I had challenges that kept me from living up to my potential. I seemed to always be in […]

Jawan’s Story

Jawan, a sophomore in high school, lives with his mother and grandmother and is very close to both of them.  Even though his parents are divorced he gets to see his father every other weekend.  His interests include listening to music, studying, shopping, and going to the movies. Jawan’s role model is Leonardo DiCaprio. When […]

Jay’s Story

Jay, in his fourth year at Mentoring to Manhood, is an 11th grader with high aspirations and a grounded attitude.  His mother signed him up for the program, and he has since gained a stronger work ethic and better study habits, which he hopes will translate positively to his future academic career. Jay has an […]

Sidney’s Story

Sidney, a quiet and thoughtful student in his second year of Mentoring to Manhood, has overcome numerous personal hardships. His father died when he was in 9th grade, leaving him grief stricken and in need of a father figure.  He failed his first year at high school. Mentoring to Manhood has provided mentors who Sidney […]