Partnership with UMD School of Public Health

Thanks to the University of Maryland’s Office of Community Engagement, CYA had the opportunity to partner with the University of Maryland School of Public Health and Dr. James Butler’s HLTH391 Scholarship in Practice class.

HLTH391 students (working in 3 teams) created a series of surveys, two focus group moderator’s guides, a fact sheet and a white paper exploring the impact of partnerships on youth outcomes. 

We will begin to immediately integrate the surveys created by CYA Group 1 Students within our mentoring programs. This will enable us to enhance and improve our current, virtual mentoring programs. Over the next 6 months we will also begin to conduct focus groups with our key stakeholders (mentees, mentors, parents, partners) to drive our curriculum development for Fall 2021. We will leverage CYA Group 2’s moderator guides and questions to obtain stakeholder input and feedback in ways we have not previously had opportunity to. 

Our Executive Director worked directly with CYA Group 3 who produced the Fact Sheet & White Paper. These documents will help us tell our mission story to parents, partners, elected officials and community leaders. 

“This partnership has been phenomenal for CYA. By leveraging these surveys, guides, questions and research we can better understand how our youth are better off after interacting with our programs. We can better measure success, identify weaknesses and improve our ability to Teach, Reach and Keep youth on the path to success. Our organization was founded through partnerships and that’s exactly how we will continue to best serve our community.” – Danielle M. Middlebrooks, Executive Director 

We are honored to partner with the University of Maryland and the future leaders in public health that contributed their talents to helping us Teach, Reach and Keep youth on the path to success.  

View the Fact Sheet

Read the White Paper 

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WATCH: CYA Group 3 White Paper & Fact Sheet Presentation

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    We are so excited to have CYA as our partner! The students benefit greatly from developing projects and working closely with the Executive Director, Danielle Middlebrooks.
    I look forward to a long lasting partnership between the School of Public Health and Community Youth Advance.

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